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Simple Wikipedia Viewer Utilizing Wikipedia API

Recently, I have been doing the courses on FreeCodeCamp. It is a quite useful place to learn about web development. The courses will provide you with the fundamental knowledge required to start your way to be a web developer, and then requires you to do some projects which will require you to Search-Ask-Read to solve it. (This is the same paragraph I wrote on my previous post, if you noticed).

This is one of the Web-App that I built as part of the course, and it is the second one that I posted here. It is a simple web application that allows the user to get to a random Wiki page, or search for a term on Wikipedia. It uses the Wikipedia API (documentations here). In my opinion, this is a good project to help budding developers to start learning about integrating their web-app and tailoring it to utilize an API from a provider, which in this case, is Wikipedia.

You can check it out below (if you are having trouble viewing it, click on this link instead):

FreeCodeCamp also has their own Gitter channel(an online messaging platform for developers), and a lot of people there are very knowledgeable and helpful!

So, are you looking to learn to be a web developer? Whether you are already a student in an IT faculty, or just a beginner in the world of web development, I can safely say FreeCodeCamp will help you in some ways.

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