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Looking to Build a Website on Azure? Try Composite C1

Recently, I have been very interested in CMS in general, which is one of the reason for me to start blogging too.

I was looking for an open source CMS that I can host on Microsoft Azure. I tried some which were hosted by some fellow web developers on GitHub. Some of them works great, but simply do not have enough features. Some of them just doesn’t work on Azure. Some notable open source CMS that I found was: b2evo, anchorCMS, and Umbraco. Those 3 were very good, especially Umbraco paired with Azure. But, in the end I finally decided on a CMS.

That CMS was Composite C1. I was very amazed when I first used it. The installing process is unbelievably simple! My site was up and running in less than 10 minutes! The admin panel has one of the most well-thought design I have ever seen. Composite C1 makes it really easy to design my website, but it also offers quite of a flexibility to fool around in the source code too! You can check my website here. It was built and modified in like ~2 hours. Realistically, it should take a lot less time, though. I took ~2 hours because I wasn’t good in C# and ASP, and messed up quite a lot. If you don’t mess around, you should be done in like ~20 minutes.

So, if you are looking to build your own website on Azure, you could try Composite C1. Or maybe you want to try the other options that I listed above, that’s fine too. Or if you got another CMS that is worth being mentioned, you can put it in the comment below!

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