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Developing Game on The Web: Simon Says

This is yet another one of my project that I built while following the courses at FreeCodeCamp. It is a classic, the Simon Says game.

The objective of the game is to repeat the shown (randomly generated) sequences of button presses. When the player manage to repeat the sequence correctly, another step is added to the sequences. The game keeps going until the player manage to successfully repeat a sequence of 20 button presses. If at any point the player presses a button incorrectly, the game will show the sequence again so the player can re-memorize it. You can read more about the original Simon Says on Wikipedia.

The game also feature a “Strict mode”. In said mode, any incorrectly pressed button will result in a lost game, leaving the player no choice but to start over from the very beginning! Make sure you memorize the sequence correctly! Anyway, as usual, you can check the game in action below (if you are having trouble viewing it, click on this link instead).

This was the last project I needed to do to get my front-end development certificate from FreeCodeCamp. That’s right! You can get certificate from doing the courses at FreeCodeCamp! You can also view others’ profile and look at their solution for certain courses there. You can check my profile here.

So, what’s next? Before, I planned to do the Data Visualization course to get another certificate, but it turned out that FreeCodeCamp doesn’t have courses for it yet, it just immediately throws you with projects you have to do to get the certification. So, I decided to do the Back End Development course instead. I will post the projects I do there in this blog as well. Well, I guess that’s about it for now. Do you find my Codepen helpful? Let me know! 🙂

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