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Build Your Own Web-based Pomodoro Clock!

So, I am still doing the courses on FreeCodeCamp. As I’ve said a lot of times, it is a quite useful place to learn about web development. The courses will provide you with the fundamental knowledge required to start your way to be a web developer, and then requires you to do some projects which will require you to Search-Ask-Read to solve it.

This is one of the Web-App that I built as part of the course, and it is the fourth one that I posted here. It is a simple web application that implements the Pomodoro Technique in breaking up working and break session. You can learn more about Pomodoro at Wikipedia.

You can check it out below (if you are having trouble viewing it, click on this link instead). Since it is hosted on CodePen, you can freely view the code that I used to built the web-app. If you learnt something from it, I would be very happy! Feel free to poke around the code and just learn!

FreeCodeCamp also has their own Gitter channel(an online messaging platform for developers), and a lot of people there are very knowledgeable and helpful!

So, are you looking to learn to be a web developer? Whether you are already a student in an IT faculty, or just a beginner in the world of web development, I can safely say FreeCodeCamp will help you in some ways. FreeCodeCamp is also currently expanding their courses, so it will (most probably) only get better from now on.

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